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Taxi info Hotel Feliz

It’s easy and cheap with bus and taxi in Mallorca. Just a few hundred meters from Hotel Feliz is the Bus stop for bus number 4 which goes to St. Catalina (5 min) and Palma city center (10 min).

If you go with the same bus in the opposite direction it will take you to the beaches of Cala Mayor (5 min) and Illetas (15 mins).

Bus number 4 runs every 10 minutes and the price is 2,00 € per person that you pay with cash directly to the driver. Try to have coins or at least not bigger bills than 20 €.

If you go with bus 4 to Palma center it will stop at Plaza Espana that is the communication center for trains and busses on the island. From Plaza España you can take for example bus #1 to the airport or to most of the villages on the island. Click here to see time tables.

I you prefer to travel with taxi from the hotel just tell the staff in the welcome room and they will order one for you. Normally they come in a couple of minutes and the starting fee is between 3 to 4 € depending on the time of the day.

The price with taxi from the hotel to Palma center is about 6 to 8 € and to the airport about 20 to 25 €. Not all taxis accept credit cards so if you don’t have cash you have to ask for a taxi that accept cards.

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