Teambuilding Conference

Teambuilding is a process we use to develop cooperation and team work. In order to work efficiently as a team all members must share a common goal, show respect for one another and be motivated to use each individual's strength in order to reach the common goal. Each member of a team play an integral part in the success of a company. When building a strong team it has proven essential to sometimes stop and reflect on how the group works and how to further develop the group to up its performance.

This is a day led by Stefan Roslund, founder and director of the event company Stora Bla. Stefan’s mission is to inspire your group and make them realise the importance of a team working in the same direction. Stefan will start off by giving an inspirational lecture, stressing the importance of positive thinking for the individual and the group alike. Everyone has something to contribute to a team, but sometimes we are too busy to find out what that may be. How can we increase the understanding and respect for one another? We all know communication is important, but how do we use it best? Getting to know each other just a little bit better gives back.

After the lecture you walk together to Bellver park a short walk from the hotel. You will take on a number of challenging tasks that require teamwork, communication and creativity. It will be up to you as a team to develop your own strategy and plan to find a solution to the tasks at hand. This event will be led by Stefan as well.

Back at Hotel Feliz we make time for a round-up of the day to see how you can apply the exercises at work back home.

Price depending on number of people and duration

For information and reservations, please contact;

Mats Jakobsson on +34 661 758 038,
or our Scandinavian sales manager Kjell Jakobsson on tel +46703-77 63 69,

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