Cave diving

The caves of Coloms

This is an exclusive chance to get to experience an old pirates' hideout. A different world will open up as you enter the caves: lakes with crystal clear water, enormous stalactites (ceiling) and stalagmites (floor) in impressive shapes and forms. The silence is magic, and in the background you hear the ocean grinding. You'll get a chance to try high jumps from the walls into the clear water.

From the hotel, we go straight to the dive shop and get help picking out our equipment: wetsuit, climbing helmet, mask, snorkel, fins and headlamp. We then make our way to Porto Colom, Mallorca’s biggest natural harbor on the southeast side of the island. The beautiful drive here alone is an experience.

After a 20 minute walk we reach the beach that will be our starting point. We change into our diving gear, and go through the safety routines. After about 400 meters of swimming with fins, mask and snorkel we reach the opening into the cave. Slowly and surely we make our way through the narrow opening, one by one.

Then we turn on the headlamps, take of the fins and discover a fascinating new world. Should you change your mind along the way, the beach makes an enjoyable and beautiful place to hang out while waiting for the divers with its’ dramatic cliffs, a sandy beach and a blue ocean.

Keep in mind:
Some personal equipment you will need is extra shoes to use in the caves (they will get wet), bathing suit, towel, small backpack, sunblock, sunglasses.

We require each participant to be comfortable swimming 400 meters and not be claustrophobic.

Price 150 euro / person

For information and reservation, please contact:

Mats Jakobsson on +34 661 758 038,
or our Scandinavian sales manager Kjell Jakobsson on tel +46703-77 63 69,

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